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Laptop repair

Desktop repair / Laptop repair.

Macbook repairs

Is your computer running slow or crashing at random intervals? From a dead motherboard to dead screens, we can troubleshoot these issues on site. In extreme cases, we may have to take it off site and returned at your convenience.

Connect devices to wifi

Wifi, Email Setup,

Email Program migration.

Exchange server.

Having trouble with your internet connectivity issues? Is it dropping out? Are you having difficulty setting up your email on Outlook or any other email program? Or you simply want to upgrade your router or connect to multiple devices, expand your wireless network to areas where there is poor reception? We can help. Give us a call.

Service, maintenance, Upgrades, New PC builds

Experience seamless browsing, gaming, and viewing with GeekForce's comprehensive on-site computer services. Our experts address both hardware and software issues that may be hindering your computer's performance. If your computer is slow or freezes when running multiple apps, it's time to get it serviced. Our technicians are adept at fixing software and hardware problems, ensuring optimal performance. In cases where replacement parts are needed, we provide detailed explanations for their significance and proceed only with your consent. Upgrade your existing computer or build a new PC with GeekForce. Our skilled team specializes in custom PC builds, tailoring them to your specific needs. Trust us to optimize your computer experience.

Data Recovery HDD / SSD

Your storage device rapidly declines when they are subject to extreme variations in temperature, humidity and motion. It is not a question of “if” but “when” your storage device will fail. It is very important to back up your data once a week, to an external storage or cloud storage. We can also recover lost data from damaged hard drives. If you notice your computer is extremely slow at start up, this could be one of the signs that your hard drive is failing. We can help by diagnosing the issue and save your data and prevent a hefty recovery bill before the hard drive fails completely.


Internet is a modern-day's convenience with certain downsides to it. Internet users often encounter virus and spyware issues, which may be hard to get rid of. If you let such issues linger in there, you are highly likely to bear expensive repairs down the road